Bold. Innovative.

The English brand offers a bold, stylish and creative approach. Due to unique quality, are products designed for professional hairdressers but they are also available to other consumers who prefer a proffesional care at home as well.


Purity of the swiss Alps

A Swiss brand born near the beautiful Lake Constance, near the Swiss Alps.
In TRINITY, they are proud of their roots. They declare that fact in product quality, clean modern and functional design and a strong focus on the environment.


Individual. Personal.

A dynamic Dutch family-type brand, developed by hairdressers. Its strength is in its own development and improvement of products.

GK hair

GKhair is the only hair cosmetics that uses the unique Juvexin® ingredient. It is ecologically obtained from sheep wool, restores and heals the structure of hair, gives it protection.


From the Mediterranean nature

Broaer has been manufacturing its products in-house in Spain for 50 years. He innovates them in the spirit of “slow cosmetics”, uses ecological packaging.
The products are based on high quality natural ingredients from the Mediterranean climate.


Uniqueness. Individuality.

Hair care, styling and shaving products specially developed for  needs of men. Highest ingredients quality, packaging and design create a modern style of traditional, honest “Barber Shop” style.

For real guys!

tigi bed head for men

The men’s line of the prestigious and bold TIGI brand combines the expertise of the international TIGI team and the renowned barber Kieron Webb, known as The London Barber.